Came to be – The Shelter Company


Mauka to Makai – From the Mountain to the Ocean…

That was the inspiration when creating The Shelter Company, the vision of a young and dedicated artist whose quest was to create a brand based on her love of nature, passion for outdoor sports and endearing attraction to people.

Marie-Josée Cyr is a French-Canadian entrepreneur who, when not creating and designing, roams around lakes and oceans on her stand-up paddleboard. A surfer at heart, she has journeyed accross the world, from the fresh waves of Prince-Edward Island to the warm beaches of Hawaii in search of that perfect wave, sunset or landscape. Her fond appreciation for Tofino, a surfer’s paradise, and her country’s breathtaking geography has inspired her to create the lifestyle brand.

The Shelter Company is built on loyality, authenticity and freedom. It’s not only MJ‘s canvas, but an expression of the peace of mind we all feel when left alone with Mother Nature. Shelter encourages its customers to go out and play, with style.

Whether you’re on a surfboard, a stand-up paddleboard, ascending a glacier in the Rockies or simply enjoying a warm coffee next to a camp fire, The Shelter Company has you covered with its collection of nature-inspired goods and apparel. All products are authentically handcrafted here, in Canada and blend functionnality with a unique design language.

Shelter as we go : All set for that upcoming road trip.

Just give me Shelter : Embrace the warmth of home sweet home.

Shelter me : Stay warm, look good, wear Shelter.

President – founder
Team – collaborators