Born on the South Shore of Montreal, in Quebec, Canada, Marie-Josée Cyr grew up as an only child.

Early in life, her parents introduced her to a lifestyle in harmony with Mother Nature, which included many fishing trips with her father, uncles and cousins. This quickly gave her the love of living into the wild. At a very young age, MJ would stargaze at night, spending hours staring at the stars, questionning her existence. The moon, the trees, the mountains, the wildlife, the lakes, and the ocean are everything she ever talks about and, above all, where she always yearns to be. On her free time, she particularly enjoys escaping to northern Quebec, in the Laurentians, with friends and loved ones around a campfire burning some well deserved marshmallows listening to music.

Speaking of music.

MJ has always been an artist. She started dance lessons at only 2 years old and never stopped until her early twenties. From competitions, to fasion runaways, performing shows was part of everyday life. The art of dance exposed her to the musical world and definitely opened up her horizons. That being said, she’s a concert addict! She has that curiosity to discover new talent and takes her inspiration in the music she listen to almost 24/7.

Much into the design and fashion as an adolescent, MJ explored deeper into her creativity after completing her buisness diploma. She later founded her own clothing brand in early 2000. It was a beach flavor brand, proposing collection aimed at both men & women. It had a great success at the time. Through her hand-made products, MJ made sure that each step of conception, from design to production, respected her values.

But for the young entrepreneur, this wasn’t enough. After trying out university and realizing it really wasn’t for her, she decided to dig deeper into her creativity and carve a business model out of it. She then focused her attention on interior design. In her view, this would be another avenue where her creativity could be expressed. She evolved her talent through an environment of construction and entrepreneurship. By designing space and furniture, MJ is able to blend functionnality with aestheticism. Inspired from the Wabi-Sabi foundation, MJ’s buisness: MJC Design, creates minimalist and functional decors inspired by the natural beauty. For MJ, her buisness is more than a day-to-day job, it’s a passion. “I never wake up in the morning “to-go-to-work”, but to enhance someone’s dwelling, that’s pretty different!” she says. “I get much satisfaction in knowing I make a difference in people’s life by designing neat solutions for their needs. That’s an awesome feeling.”

Outside her work, MJ remains a true outdoor geek. All sports praticed on a board from the mountain to the ocean are part of her life. In the woods, up on the mountain, she goes with her cousins for those magic nights snowboarding, guided by moonlight. All winter long, she bottles up the energy she gets from being on theses giant rocks, considering it to be just like gold. To the sea side, kicking and pushing on her longboard at sunset, that’s when her mind starts floating. If not on her stand-up paddleboard meditating, she fearlessly tries to catch a wave on a surfboard. The grounded girl needs her moment outside, everyday. The outdoors is her inspiration for everything she ever creates.

Hence The Shelter Company, established in 2014. It is everything MJ Cyr : past, present & future.

Blending it all under one brand inspired by nature, The Shelter Company is her next chapter in creativity. The three distinctive sub-brands: Shelter As We Go, Just Give Me Shelter and Shelter Me, emphasize on the freedom of travelling and playing outdoors, the warmth of wearing hand-crafted outdoor gear, and the coziness of our homes.

“I sincerly wish for my customers to connect even more with my first love: Mother Nature!” says MJ.

The President Founder of The Shelter Company is surfing her wave, as she goes… opened heart and hands, welcoming you to join in the line-up.