// b a c k t o t h e b a s i c s \\


t h i s   i s   w h e r e

e v e r y t h i n g   b e g i n s ;   a   v i s i o n ,

a   l o v e   a f f a i r ,   f o l l o w e d   b y   a   d r e a m 

In the land of the Canadian Rockies, because I felt both miniscule and powerful all at once. Standing at the base of these majestic giants, the physical human being that my body incarnated made me realize the true immensity of our existence. A great lesson in humility that puts everything back into perspective.


The energy emitted by these pillars of rock is unquantifiable, and transcends a message whose foundation cannot be unsettled. A message that is sent to you through the wind, whispered by the creeks, and, on some occasions, screamed by the powerful waterfalls. What I have received, from nature’s manifestations, I share with others because it means more than a simple recommendation, but a way to live my life, a state of mind with which I embrace this odyssey. Standing at the mountains’ feet, among the pines and elks, I have learned that:


E v e r y t h i n g   i s   p o s s i b l e  

 T  r  u  s  t     y  o  u  r     i  n  t  u  i  t  i  o  n


t h a n k   y o u   A l b e r t a   &   B r i t i s h – C o l u m b i a !

My life changed at that very moment. The alignment was perfect. At the right place, the right time, for the right reasons. I have built my strength and found my determination. I had understood what should be done with what was laying in front of me. In the form of a gift, in a wild state, natural and raw, the Universe was offering me this enlightenment which was clearer than anything I had ever experienced before. What had always kept me alive was about to show me the way. It is my duty to set everything up so that this trip may take place.

The Rockies have welcomed me. They took me into their arms, protected and arbitrated. I have found my refuge, both physically and spiritually, for the rest of my life.

Open up your spirit, let your thoughts drift away freely and explore the vast possibilities of your imagination. Nature’s perfect imperfection and the translucid purity of uncharted trails, look up to the sky and witness the majestic grace of the pines whilst dancing with the wind, get caressed by the pacific ocean’s salty mist, lay down your gratitude and intentions in the flames of the camp fire at the coming of the night and bring back to your bed a slight unbalance caused by the waves which have rocked you during an entire session, in harmony with the orcas… this is your way going

// b a c k   t o   t h e   b a s i c s \\


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