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Today is a special day. Snowy outside, warm coco latté fills me with the warmth my body needs to go play outside and brave the cold. Althought it ain’t really such a thing considering how easy winter is this year, this warm elixir provides me just enough courage to pull myself together and hit the slopes for the first time since my last year accident. Remember last February, I broke my right wrist and had to stop my snowboarding season way too early. I’ve gotten more hurt to my heart than my actual broken wrist. It was the hardest thing I had to deal with: having to admit the fact that there is no cast to repair a broken heart. Being rejected from the mountain, where I feel deeply alive. That was painful.

On The Slopes - Corduroy On The Slopes - Steep Shelter Gear

Summer after this episode flew like crazy. I found myself at times full of anticipation for a return, perhaps observing fear at the tought of going back on the slopes. Guess that’s where you find courage to grow, when facing adversity and needing to adapt yourself. Learning to deal with such new feelings emerging creates some place inside your mind. A place I cherish today in my approch to the mountain. I’m thankful for that experience life got me through for my riding wouldn’t be the same if all of this had never happened. And I’m not refering only to snowboarding. In fact, it’s more of a way to face day-to-day’s reality.

I mean, shits happen. Snowboarding on a mountain covered of steep fresh pow can be absolutely marveling, just as life can too when everything falls into place. But you never f***ing know when it’s gonna hit you. What’s around the corner? When will your edge bite into the snow and make you do a somersault? You must be ready for shits to happen and cope with these obstacles. That’s what my years of snowboarding taught me: to adapt quickly while I keep going foward. You can’t live in a lie when you ride, or it’ll sure stop your glide. Mountain does not allow this state of mind on the slopes. She expects you to be true to yourself, here and now. And us, we people who live fixed to our boards, all know that’s how she operates.

On The Slopes - View

Watching the snow fall through the window while eating my açaïs bowl, I’m letting go of my fear to fear my return out there. I realise with contentement that I’m thrilled to go back. I can see the mountain on the far horizon, behind the small grano-vegan café I’m sitting in here in Bromont, she looks beautiful. I think she missed me. I did very much.

On The Slopes - Café

Now it’s all about her and I. About becoming one again. My mind set is totally different. I met with my orthopedist this morning, said everything was fine and good to go. Even with my left wrist that got injured the same freaking way 6 years ago, on the same spot. I feel a chapter has been closed today. I’m done worrying. I adapt myself, take his good words with me, hand them over to the univers, knowing now it’s all good as I climb up to the very top. The view is gonna be awesome up there. Can’t wait.

Cup is empty, filled is my belly, snow is still falling. This is it. I’M GONE RIDING…

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