This is it : THE BIG LAUNCH!


 After all this time, all this time dreaming, thinking, wandering, creating, exploring,  roaming, and finally puting it together. I’m delivering my very deep vision of what life is all about and first and foremost the way I see it should be lived. I’m coming humble, to share and spread my love of Mother Nature and all its vibrant scenes with you. Offering you through The Shelter Company‘s product line and lifestyle, the opportunity to join and be part of a community where efforts and respects are paid to the conservation of what has been given to us down here on Earth. Whether it’s in the choice of materials, fabrics, or even in the decision to recycle and give a second life to an old sail instead of letting it sit forever on a dumping ground site. Every single step in the process of delivering a unique, distinctive product, involves a reflexion of the impact it’s going to have on our planet and the mark it will leave. Trying hard to be the change, much obliged in front of such beauty, I create and design while keeping that whole concept in mind. Yet, all this being a direction we choose to take on, within the consuming choices we make, it takes a long education and a great many fellows holding hands to get where we are heading. And I do sincerly believe we are capable of succeeding. With lots of love, gratitude towards the Earth and perseverance. That way we can go. We can Shelter as we go!


“How great it feels to find the balance, to be aligned, once you’re on the right path… Being light again!”

Giving birth to The Shelter Company was certainly quite an adventure itself. Celebrating soon its first anniversary of incorporation reminds me of 1- how time flies, and especially of 2- what I’ve been through within such a short period of time. Personnaly, how it made me grow. Professionaly, it made me experienced new challenges and foremost spiritualy, the way it connected me with who I truly am. Bringing all my passions and convictions together, asking myself what were their meaning and what more could I bring to put them on the path where I persue liberty and happiness, on which you guys converge so you can benefit from it. That was the whole quest behind these reflexions. Now it’s here. Ready as it can be to be released. I consider myself blessed to be granted with such love around me; deep & true love from my family, honnest & sincere love from my dear friends, being able to feel the vibrations from the elements as well as the connection with all of my animal buddies, and the health & energy the universe is providing me each and every day. I will always be grateful for these invaluable gifts life is giving me and I’m stoked to share this journey with you.

I’ve been fortunated to count on the support and help of many special collaborators. You guys know who you are. We know. Not half of The Shelter Company would even exist without you. I wish to thank you again, again and again. No words will ever express my appreciation, but actions will. May I show you how grateful I am, whenever the chance presents itself. I sincerely love you, to the moon and back. Thanks for making it happened!

Hoping from the very bottom of my heart, you’ll find Shelter, here and now. Stay warm in your heart, leave your worries by breathing them out. Go outside, set an adventure and let the freshness of the pure connection with the nature’s delights flow within you.



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