BEER-O Bottle-opener

“We love the sound of cracking open a cold beer… don’t you?”

Let it become a ritual.

Open the refrigerator door, take one out, open it up with the Shelter Beer-O and sit back and relax. The world stops now: you enjoy your cold one!

Designed and assembled here, it is made of reclaimed Canadian barn wood.

We like to think about what these pieces of old wood have been through… Where did they grow? Who gave them a second life to build those barns? Where were they standing? What happened inside of those barns during all these years? Wondering what did they exactly gave shelter to…?

Now these pieces of wood are being transformed again into that brand new thing, our wall mounted bottle openers, they are all ready for their next chapter of life. Just waiting for you to pick one up and bring it home. You definitely need one to enhance your beer time in the comfort of your dwelling. Just give it Shelter!

All pretty unique, each Beer-O are wisely designed, respecting the perfect imperfections of the aged piece of wood. Ain’t two alike.