Like The Shelter Company’s Logo? Want to know who brought it to life? Meet Christelle: The graphic designer who has that much appreciated talent we all enjoy!

Christelle has traveled the world trying to quench her thirst for the perfect wave to surf, the perfect scenery to see and the perfect shots to snap into a photo. Whether it’s for her work or personal purpose, exploring the world has always been her passion. That explains why she became a traveler agent right after she finished school.

Always bringing her camera along for the ride, she sees the world in a very particular way. Christelle has the ability to make an image speak. She knows how to make her vision stand out. Her work is fantastic, same goes for her personality; she’ll always participate in activities and parties. Above all, she’s the type of girl willing to give a hand whenever she can. In love with nature and constantly yearning to be outside, Christelle often gets land sick when left too long on the shore. Deep inside lies a nomad ready for the next adventure.

“On water, preferably” she claims!

Her head filled with imagination, Christelle roams and wanders around the world where she gets her inspiration. Her implication in The Shelter Company is a large one. From designing the Authentic logo, to negociating with print outlets when required, she’s the girl to go to. She signed the creation of our awesome banners on our social media pages, along with the shooting of our collection. She’s not just the eyes behind the camera; she has had an active role in the brith of The Shelter Company.

Shelter’s values couldn’t transcend as clearly as they do without her input. It is a true privilege to work and evolve with such a talented artist.

Long live our collaboration Christelle, Cheers!