The face of The Shelter Company. YEP, IT’S HIM!

Surfer, snowboarder, sled addict, hunter, fisherman and father of two. He’s MJ’s cousin, born here, in Quebec, Canada. He’s a contractor and runs his own company called Les Constructions Robin Cyr inc. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Robin leave our crude, cold climate some day and head with his family to a warmer destination under the sun, by the ocean. A homestead owner in Poneloya, Nicaragua, for a fiew years already, he’s had his share of surftrips with his lovely girlfriend. The inner traveler in him dreams of one day building his own surf shack there.

Robin’s lifestyle and way of seeing this whole adventure on earth incarnates the essence of the brand. As a cool and layed back dude, as he listens to his favorite Bob Marley songs, nobody embodies the Akuna Matata motto better than him. Life is too short to worry.

“I couldn’t think of a better person than my cousin to represent The Shelter Company” says MJ. “He’s everything this lifestyle brand is about: nature oriented, grounded, authentic, wanderer, entrepreneur, open-hearted and loyal. He has a fierce desire to take part in new adventures. He also happens to be a rather good looking fellow!”

Allowing people to discover The Shelter Company through Robin is a privilege. We are blessed to have the opportunity to expend the vision and values of the brand by his delightful personality. It’s a real honor.

“Don’t worry, be happy” is Robin’s favorite quote. It feels awesome to have your cool vibe on the Shelter team Rob, peace couz!